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Skadarsko jezero
& Fauna

The biggest lake in Balkans and also the only National park in which water and swampy ecosystems dominate.
Skadar lake is ecological empire, oasis of silence and close contact with the intact nature.
The northern swampy coast (20 000 ha) gives ideal conditions for development of wildlife, especially birds.

281 different species of birds live, build nests, spend the winter or move to the lake, which is why the lake has An Important Bird and Biodiversity Area status (IBA).
It is also enlisted in The List of Wetlands of International Importance (RAMSAR).

This is the only habitat for pelicans in Southern Europe.
Apart from them Skadar lake is populated with seagull, white and grey heron, cormorant, kingfisher, grebe, tumbler pigeon and many others.

48 species of fish live inside the park, among them a very rare kind of bleak, but also some much more famous fish like: carp, eel, trout, chub and perch.

There are also 50 species of mammals (the only water representative is otter), numerous amphibians, reptiles and insects.

There is a very diverse vegetation in the lake as well as in its surroundings.
During summer water lily and water heath pea (Trupa Longicurpa) meadows can stretch for kilometres.

  • Lokvanj

    Water lily

  • Kasoranja

    Water caltrop

  • Zanovijet


  • Srpska Ramonda

    Serbian Ramonda

  • Uskolisni Zvončić

    Narrow-leafed bellflower

  • Pelikan


  • Kormoran


  • Čaplja


  • Vodomar


  • Gnjurac


  • Ukljeva


  • Krap


  • Jegulja


  • Grgeč


  • Karaš

    Crucian carp