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Скадарское Озеро
National park

Basic information

Status: National park since 1983. IBA status (An Important Bird and Biodiversity Area) since 1989.
It has been enlisted in RAMSAR list – The List of Wetlands of International Importance since 1995.

Municipality territory: Podgorica, Bar, Cetinje

Head office: Vranjina

Surface : 40.000 ha

Surface of the lake: summer water level – 370 km2; winter water level – 540km2; The surface on the average level of water – 475 km2.
2/3 of the lake belong to Montenegro, while 1/3 of the lake is situated on the territory of the Republic of Albania.

The biggest lake in Balkans, and the third one in Europe with the length of 44 km and width of 14 km.

Length of the coast: 168 km; 110, 5 km in Montenegro and 57, 5 km in Albania.

Height above sea level: 5 m. The lake itself is crypto depression , which means that majority of the lake is under the sea level.
Depth: the average depth is 5 m, the maximum one is 8,3 m.

Position: south-eastern part of Zetsko-skadarska valley.

Climate: sub Mediterranean with mild and rainy winters (the lowest average temperature of water in January is 7,3 °C).
Summers are hot and dry with the maximum air temperature of 40 °C, and water temperature above 27 °C. The average air temperature is 14,9 °C

Three big rivers flow into the lake: Crmnica, Rijeka Crnojevica and Moraca.

Special zones of protection (special nature reservation): Panceva Oka and Manastirska Tapija.

Characteristics: wet swampy habitats.

Skadarsko jezero
Domestic wine

Numerous restaurants and taverns with national cuisine are characterized by cosy environment and pleasant atmosphere. When it comes to architecture majority of them resemble traditional Montenegrin houses that were made of stone and wood. According to the old Montenegrin tradition, here they welcome you with the homemade brandy (rakija), priganica and honey.

Specialties of the lake cuisine are carp fattening with dried plums, apple and quinces, carp baked on onion, eel rice, eel on spit... Smoked carp is prized in particular, and the taste of dried bleak, fried, cooked or made as a salad is remembered for a long period of time.

In the basin of Skadar lake is Crmnica region since ancient times known for growing grapevine, producing homemade brandy and top quality red wine. Domestic (autochthonous) and other world- famous sorts are grown in these vineyards thanks to the outstanding climate, soil and favourable position.

  • Virpazar

    The biggest populated settlement on the lake, administrative and tourist centre.

  • Rijeka Crnojevića
    Rijeka Crnojevića

    Historic place at the foot of Obod, in beautiful surroundings.

  • Karuč

    Small fisherman settlement above which rests the winter home of St Peter of Cetinje.

  • Посельани

    As many as 14 watermills were active in today abandoned stone village.

  • Vranjina

    One of the oldest fisherman villages on the lake also known as “Little Venice”.

  • Grmožur
    Рыбацкая деревня

    A few old, stone, abandoned fisherman villages on the coast of the lake.

  • Plaža Godinje
    Beach Godinje

    A little sandy beach with a restaurant decorated in ethno style, which can be reached only by boat.

  • Železnički most
    Railway bridge

    A bridge and embankment connect the biggest island Vranjina with the land.

  • Pavlova Strana
    Pavlova Strana

    A viewpoint with the most beautiful view on the lake and its fascinating branches.

  • Plaža Murići
    Beach Murići

    The biggest beach on Skadar lake, close to the island and Beska monastery.