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    Meet real Montenegro!
    Virpazar, Montenegro
    Unique environment.
    Exceptional juncture of nature, history, culture and gastronomy.
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    Be our guests!
    Daily lake cruising.
    Six tourist boats of different size.
    Perfect way of touring Skadar lake for group and individual visits.
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    You shouldn`t miss it!
    Montenegrin specialties.
    Tasting local specialties on the ship.
    Fish meal on a beautiful ethno terrace after cruising.
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    Thousand years of history.
    Fortresses, monasteries, stone villages.
    Visiting extraordinary historical region:
    abandoned fisherman villages, rulers` fortresses and monasteries, stone bridges, water mills.
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    National park “Skadar lake”
    Natural beauties.
    Heaven for photography enthusiasts.
    Unique surroundings of preserved nature, flora and fauna.
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    Rich fish and bird world of Skadar lake.
    The biggest bird reservation in Europe.
    280 bird species and 40 fish species.
    As created for photographers, fishermen, biologists, bird lovers...
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    Lake – a swamp – floodable forests and meadows – garrigue sand rocky grounds.
    Unique ecosystem of Skadar lake.
    Rare and unique plant species:
    white water lily, yellow water lily, water heath pea, reed, cattail, yellow iris...


We can offer organization and necessary equipment for various activities to all lovers of active vacation.